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Photo Marissa Sipocz

Families enjoy planting the floating wetlands. Photo by Marissa Sipocz

The Pearland Wetland Awareness event was a success!  We planted 1200 plants on the 20 floating wetlands, and made about 400 plant balls to set in the deeper water around the islands. We also made thousands of seedballs for future use on the slopes of the site. There were 17 species of native coastal prairie wildflowers and grasses in the seedball mix. Over ninety people joined us on Saturday.

Those were the numbers. Now if you take a look at the photos from the Pearland Parks and Recreation Department’s Facebook page, you will see how enjoyable it was to take part! See Planting the wetlands on Saturday and launching the floating wetlands on the following Tuesday.

These wetlands set the stage for improved wildlife habitat on the site of the future Pearland Nature Center, and demonstrate water quality improvement techniques for stormwater runoff. Stay tuned for Phase 2 of the wetland planting!

plant balls_SM

Volunteers make “plant balls” to weigh down and protect wetland plants that tolerate deeperconditions. Photos by Marissa Sipocz


These seedballs containing a mix of locally collected prairie species will be scattered on the banks of the pond at a future date. Photo by Marissa Sipocz

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Two of the many stormwater wetland program events in September and October involved our partners at Clear Creek ISD and the University of Houston Clear Lake’s EIH. I can tell you a little about each one, but photos say it best! Check them out at the Flickr links below.


Replanting the Floating Wetlands

To make up for the damage caused by the nutria invasion last year, we replanted the floating wetlands as an experiment to see which species nutria would avoid. We also planted test plots of these species along the shore, including some species we know they do eat, as experimental controls. Sixty nine students and community members came out to work on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, October 12.

See all the photos and upload your own to the Flickr photo pool.



Habitat Garden Day at Ed White Elementary

Much pruning, planting and raking was done to spruce up the garden after a long summer, and best of all for the stormwater wetland program,  plants were collected from the overgrown ponds. The plants are being propagated in the wetland nursery at Exploration Green, and can be reused on school and community wetland projects.

See all the photos and upload your own to the Flickr photo pool.

Thanks to all who showed up to help and made these events fun!

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Texas floating wetland planting

We’ve got a second video on the floating wetlands project, just released by the Communications Department at Texas A&M AgriLife Extension.

All our projects should get such great media coverage! Enjoy.



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Recently I had the opportunity to tell 115 young people about what  is most important to me in my work to support water quality and wetlands. The kids and their teachers had insightful questions. One of them was: What can kids do to make sure the water is healthy for us and the animals that depend on it? (more…)

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A video about the floating wetlands project at Clear Creek I.S.D’s Education Village in League City arrived today! See it now.

It shows very well what enthusiasm the students, teachers, and volunteers have for developing a natural environment on campus, especially if it means trying something really new–like floating wetlands. The video was created by Kirk Swann, Janice Scott, and the folks in the CCISD Office of Communications. Thanks ya’ll!

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