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Texas Master Naturalists enjoy the iris in bloom

After a summer break, volunteer days for the stormwater wetland program are beginning again this Thursday, October 1. Our home base is the wetland nursery you see here at Exploration Green in Clear Lake City, but we make also forays to collect wetland plants and seeds, to plant our stormwater wetland projects around Galveston Bay, and to enjoy and learn about natural and created wetlands.

We meet each Thursday morning, 9am to 12pm. Many of our volunteers are Texas Master Naturalists, but we are also joined by friends and neighbors, TCWP interns, and others. If you’d like to join us or find out more, contact Mary Carol at mcedwards@tamu.edu.

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Mosquito season is over for now, but even when it’s in full swing, we don’t get a lot of bites as we work in the wetland nursery.  I am often asked what we do to control mosquitoes in our wetland nursery at Exploration Green.


This little fish, Gambusia affinis, is our first line of defense against mosquitoes in the wetland nursery.

Mosquito fish, or Gambusia minnows, are by far the most efficient natural predators of mosquitoes. They are utilized by some mosquito control districts across the country. We collected ours in nearby ditches and set them loose in the nursery ponds, where they rapidly breed schools of hungry fish. (more…)

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